A comprehensive gaming platform that expands not only to slot games and live games, but also to the eSports and blockchain areas.
You can play games like never before with players from all over the world.
Will you post the game you've made or play the game and become famous?

Cross-platform Compatible


Delivering the latest games in the world

GWM partners with famous vendors around the world in order to deliver state-of-the-art games at any time.

Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Pocket Games Soft, and more.

Compete against players from all over the world

Access the latest games in the world and enjoy exchanges with players from every country!
Chances to become a No.1 player in a GWM tournament!

Unique & original games

GWM Operation also develops and releases new and original games into the world. We release various games such as Japanese Slots Doragon Road!
With active game development support, your game can be played around the world!

eSports tournament

We hold sports tournaments for the games we release in GWM

Oki Love

Exclusive distribution of Japanese-style slots! If Hana shines, it's a simple confirmation of the jackpot. But you can hit the GWM original stand that has the explosive power of 10 or 20 stations for 24 hours!

Tokyo Combat

A popular shooting game. Shoot down the enemy and get coins!
As you defeat it, various bosses will appear that you'll have to fight against. Can you capture all the bosses?!
It is also thrilling to fight with other players participating at the same time and defeat them, too.

Online Baccarat Game

Evolution's live baccarat is one of the most popular in the online gaming industry. While enjoying a conversation with a beautiful dealer, it's time to play seriously! You can play against players from all over the world.

A number of original games unique to GWM will be released.
A variety of games such as pachinko, slots, and lottery tickets will be released one after another.


We plan to release games that mimic Japanese-style pachinko slots and are reminiscent of the old explosive machine era!

eSports tournament

eSports tournaments with various game titles will be held at GWM.
Feel free to join a tournament and get the top prize rewards

Browser game

We will release a game that allows you to invest in your favorite stocks as if you were trading stocks!

Original game developer

You can play interesting games created by game engineers around the world on the GWM platform.
Developers can also have their games played by many users!

Contracted with one of the world's leading game vendors,
we provide a safe game environment


Let's start with demo play!

Let's experience fun that you've never had before using the trial version.

Demo1 Game Name

Demo2 Game Name

GWM is easy and safe to play!


Super easy registration!

Registration with GWM is completed with just your email address and birthday!
You don't need a passport or proof of your current address as required on other sites.


Reliable & multilingual support (English, Chinese & Japanese)

GWM provides customer support in English, Chinese, and Japanese.
If there are other games that you would like to play, we will kindly guide you through any "problems" related to the game, such as how to play, etc.


GWM does not require an account maintenance fee

GWM does not require any account maintenance fees.
You can register as a member with confidence!

Start the game in 4 easy steps

credit card

First, register an
account with GWM

credit card

Prepare USDZ coins with a
dedicated digital wallet

credit card

Send your USDZ
from the wallet to GWM

credit card

USDZ is automatically converted to GP
and the games can begin with GWM

Gaming in a fairer place

GWM created the right gaming world.

In conventional gaming, points cannot be transferred without the cost of preparing a lot of bonuses and providing personal information. In some cases, If you do not comply, points will be confiscated. GWM is unlike these conventional gaming sites and delivers unlimited play without disappointing gaming fans.

What is DiWallet? A dedicated digital wallet.

DiWallet is a high-performance service that allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies, exchange fiat currencies such as US dollars and Hong Kong dollars, exchange cryptocurrencies with each other in your wallet, and exchange fiat currencies with legal tender. GWM holds a financial license in the Republic of Georgia.
The world's only unique alliance enables a variety of payment methods and provides great convenience to users all over the world.

As a special benefit for GWM users, you will receive a DiWallet account
at the same time you create an account!

Only users who have a registered with DiWallet, a digital wallet that provides various payment methods and various interfaces, can use it. Alternatively, prepaid cards using UnionPay can also be issued. You can make effective use of the practical DiWallet outside of GWM too.* See the DiWallet service page for account usage.

credit card

Only users who have a registered DiWallet, a digital wallet that provides various payment methods and various interfaces 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, can use it. In addition, prepaid cards using UnionPay cards can also be issued. Why don't you take this opportunity to make effective use of the highly practical DiWallet for things other than GWM? * Please see the DiWallet service page for account usage.

Comparison with other sites

Other A
Other B
Original platform game
GWM is an original game that can be played player-versus-player.
External vendor games only
External vendor games only
Participation as a game developer
You can play your own games on the GWM platform.
Customers can not play their own games.
Customers can not play their own games.
Easy to register
You can open an account with just an email and birthday
There are many places that require account confirmation and phone number verification.
Some places require proof of current address and passport submission
Game coin
Gift function
You can give coins to your friends to play (you can share coins with your family and friends)
No gift function
No gift function
Patrol / maintenance
We ensure safety by performing maintenance for one hour every day.
There are some game platforms where you can be hacked without maintenance.
When a problem occurs, maintenance is quickly carried out.
Payment method
Exclusive tie-up with DiWallet makes it easier to start playing.
Since an external payment method is used, a separate address confirmation and handling fee will be charged.
I was able to use it until now, but suddenly the service stopped.
Event holding
We will hold an eSports tournament for our original game.
Fair management
Maintain a high emission rate. There is no cheating or suspension of GP movement.
There may be an actual discrepancy with the stated emission rate.
In exchange for giving a bonus, you may not be able to withdraw as a result of playing a game several times.
Game for
high rollers
In the future, we will develop games that will satisfy even high rollers (high-priced players).
Offering games only with slots that can be bet in existing games
Offering games only with slots that can be bet in existing games

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

If you have any concerns about various operation methods or how to play, please contact the support staff. We can provide support in English, Chinese & Japanese.

Is there any cheating?

We have an international gaming license, so there is no fraudulent activity.
We provide our customers with a safe and secure gaming environment.

How can I play?

You can play immediately by opening an account with DiWallet, our exclusive partner, or by using game points given from your friends.

Am I playing any illegal games on GWM?

GWM has many partnerships with some of the world's most famous game vendors.
You can play any game with confidence.

There are many other elements that allow members to play comfortably!

At GWM, we are thoroughly aware of the user's perspective.

Of course, multilingual support and acquisition of game licenses are available so that you can play with peace of mind.
You can give a GP to your friends!

Furthermore, we not only have original games but also games produced by game engineers around the world.
We add games all the time on GWM.

Enjoy the ever-evolving GWM with the best games and play environment!

Compatible with various devices

You can enjoy the game from various devices such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Safe and Secure Operation

We maintain the emission rate at a high level. There is no cheating or suspension of GP movement.

Gift Function

You can give a GP to any user!

Game Developer
Support Function

We actively post games created by young engineers on GWM.

There is no GP exchange limit

There are no nasty exchange restrictions like those on other sites.

Developing new genres of games one after another

We will continue to develop attractive games such as lottery tickets, investment games, and competitive games.